For Writers

Yeerida promotes authors and their works

Yeerida is a social network based on the
diffusion of literary texts of any genre.

Through streaming technologies we can spread
the work of authors for free and maximize readers engagement.

How does Yeerida pay authors?

Even though users don't pay to register and read,
the consumption of texts on Yeerida is paid to authors
according to a system of royalties similar to the one used in the music field.

Every read contributes to generate a royalty that is calculated on a thousand reads.
Each trimester Yeerida pays authors in an analytical and transparent way,
based on the royalties accrued, and provides a report for each shared text.

Yeerida helps you to meet and
get to know your potential readers

Thanks to the social aspect of the website,
Yeerida allows you to keep in touch with
your readers and reach new ones.

The diffusion on a large scale, granted by free streaming,
allows us to extract data related to reads.
Authors can get to know their readers and analyse what
they read, and how.

Yeerida does not accept self-published authors

In order to try to provide readers with quality literature,
we set a minimum standard for authors to use our service.

To access Yeerida authors have to have at least one publication with a traditional publisher
(non-paid and NOT self-publishing).

How does Yeerida manage copyright?

Yeerida only manages the right to communicate
the work, a type of right to commercialize work
that is necessary for streaming.

All other rights on text remain to the owner of copyright that can freely manage them while and after the text is
on Yeerida.
This allows authors to share on the platform already
released works but also unreleased texts, without fearing
for any contractual bounds in case of publication.

Yeerida protects texts from piracy

Our technology converts all files that authors share on Yeerida
into our proprietary format that does not permit
selection, copy, transfer, crawl, or download.

This allows us to protect texts and make them available for consumption in streaming only.

We want to change the future of literature,

We want to do it with you!