For Publishers

Yeerida promotes publishers
and their work

Yeerida is a social network based on the diffusion of literary content of any genre.

Through streaming technologies and social media strategies we diffuse and promote the work of the publisher's mark. Publishers can use Yeerida's social feature to promote their newest works and share released or unreleased works.

How does Yeerida pay publishers?

Even though users don't pay to register and read, the consumption
of literary content on Yeerida is paid to publishers according to a system of royalties
similar to the one used in the music field.

Every read contributes to generate a royalty that is calculated on a thousand reads.
Each trimester Yeerida pays publishers in an analytical and transparent way,
based on the royalties accrued, and provides a report for each shared text.

Yeerida helps you to meet and
get to know your potential readers

Thanks to the social aspect of the website,
Yeerida allows you to keep in touch
with your fans and readers constantly.

Free streaming allows us to reach a wider audience, track readers' behaviour and extract demographics and data related to reads and use of content.
Publishers can get to know their readers and analyse their
preferences, their reads and consultations, and study how they
approach their works.

Yeerida does not accept paid-publishers

In order to try to provide readers with quality content,
we set a minimum standard for publishers to use our service.

To access Yeerida publishers have to follow traditional methods
of publishing and selection of works, that do NOT consider payment by the author.

How does Yeerida manage copyright?

Yeerida only manages the right to communicate
the work, a type of right to commercialize work
that is necessary for streaming.

All other rights on content remain to the owner of copyright
that can freely manage them before, after and while the text
is on Yeerida.

This allows publishers to share released or unreleased works on the platform, without having to fear
for any contractual bounds in case of publication.

Yeerida protects content from piracy

Our technology converts all files that publishers share on Yeerida
into our proprietary format that does not allow
selection, copy, transfer, crawl, or download.

This allows us to protect content and make it available for use in streaming only.

Yeerida helps you to share
your work with a foreign public

Whenever publishers want to diffuse their
work to a foreign audience, too, Yeerida
is willing to operate a co-funding to help
them taking on translation costs.

Yeerida will then promote the text in streaming,
trying to reach and convert as many readers as possible.